The Inaugral Fish Off

Russ vs Wuzy 2018

The Russ vs Wuzy Fish Off event started after two random winners were chosen to join Russ and Mark. Simon Ursell was paired with Russ and Matt Rhee paired with Mark. 

Both teams arrived early at Linear Fisheries in Oxfordshire on Oxlease lake along with cameraman extraordinaire, James Strain and our Marshall, Richie Mellors. The peg draw took place and both teams set up and got ready for kick off!

At 12pm rods went in! 

Simon and Matt got to enjoy a one to one tutorial with Russ and Mark as part of their winning donation. On the evening everybody enjoyed a fabulous meal cooked by Russ, along with Gin and Tonic served with a lime wedge! No pot noodles were allowed. Enjoying an evening of banter and listening to some great angling stories the anglers returned back to their swims. 

Team Russ were the first to land a fish in the pitch black, quickly followed by a second. Each teammate had one each putting them in the lead. The following morning saw Team Wuzy landing a carp! The weather decided to change and the heavens opened with torrential, freezing rain. The temperature absolutely plummeted and all activity on the lake stopped as the carp switched off. 

In the end Saturday was a right off. Both teams tried everything to get a bite but nothing worked. Sunday morning arrived and the weather changed yet again. The nail biting morning was tense as both teams prayed to the carp gods.

Time seemed to speed up as the minutes flew by and suddenly the horn blew and it was all over!

Team Russ had won!

The weekend can be summed up as "laughter filled". It was such a memorable and enjoyable weekend. Watching both teams laughing and simply enjoying their fishing was an absolute pleasure. This is what fishing should be like, fun and filled with laughing banter. As someone who worked behind the scenes, I can tell you, I laughed to the point my sides hurt. 

Massive congratulations to Russ and Simon. Better luck next year Wuzy and Matt, who has to put up with a year of Team Russ rubbing it in. 

Thank you to James and Richie too. 

Massive thanks to Linear Fisheries whom without we couldn't do this! 

In the end we raised £1000 for Alzheimer's Research UK!!

Want to take part next year?

Join our Facebook Group to keep up to date with all the news. 2019 is going to be a massive year with two fishing legends joining Russ and Wuzy! Frank Warwick and Ian Russell will both be guest captains taking on Team Russ and Team Wuzy. Details how to get a chance to fish will be released on our Facebook Group. 

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